Siren Song Safety Alarm – How It Works And Full Review

Every day while browsing facebook we stumble upon various ads and videos. The Siren Song Safety Alarm caught our attention and we thought it might be a good reason to try it out. This device claims that it can save multiple lives and keep you safe from attackers. We have included a video at the end of this post to give you an idea of how the Siren Song Alarm works. Video also shows how to change batteries.

What is Siren Song Safety Alarm?

siren song safety alarm
Siren Song Safety Alarm is a small personal protection device which you can keep on yourself for your safety. This device is a no-nonsense device, It doesn’t need any special Bluetooth connection or GPS stuff. It is operated by batteries which are already included in the shipment you receive.

How Siren Song Alarm Works?

When you sense any danger or feel alone and need to grab attention, just pull the pin on this keychain and it will start making a high pitched sound which is very hard to tolerate. So, when someone is following you at night and you pull the pin, this will make a high pitched sound and the person following you will get scared of this sudden sound.
siren song alarm how to use

What if I pull the pin by mistake?

Well, you can always put the pin back and it will stop the sound.

Is the pin easy to pull?

It is easy but not that easy, so do not worry about this going off in your handbag or purse.

Where do I keep it?

siren song review
Siren Song Safety Alarm comes with a lanyard and a keychain on both of the sides. You can use any of them to hang the Siren Song on your handbag, school bag, or even make a necklace out of it. And you can also hang it with your keys.

Who can use this Siren Song Personal Protection Alarm?

This is for everyone. This is best for kids, teenagers and for people who work late nights. I have seen people giving this as a gift to their elderly relatives just in case they need to alert people when in danger.

How loud is the Siren Song?

The manufacturers say that this is 130 db+ loud. This means that it is louder than a train or an airplane taking off near you.

What if I run out of batteries?

scream safe alarm
The manufacturers include an extra set of batteries, just in case you end up finishing your current ones.

Here is a video showing how the Siren Song Alarm works and how to change the batteries if you run out of your current ones. You can also hear the sound of Siren Song in this video.

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