Samsung Pay Swipe Up Gesture Not Working – Note 10 & Galaxy S20

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Samsung Pay swipe up gesture is quick way to open the Samsung Pay app and pay for something. It works even when your phone is not locked. Basically it gives you a very easy way to pay for something without opening or taking out your wallet.

So the other day when i was shopping and tried to bring up the Samsung Pay app by swiping, it didn’t work. I was embarrassed and had to search for the Samsung Pay app and open it manually to pay for my purchase.

Now i tried to fix it when i came back home. I tried resetting my favorite cards, restarting my phone also did not work.

So one way to fix this issue would be to:

Goto Samsung Pay Settings – Tap on Quick Access – Toggle Off and then ON for the quick access options shown

This should fix the Samsung pay quick access swipe up for you.

But what if that also doesn’t work?

Ok, same thing happened to me and it still did not work, so i tried one more thing after some googling around.

Goto your phone’s settings – Search for Navigation Bar settings, Tap on Full-Screen Gestures to enable them. or if you are already using full-screen gestures then tap on Navigation buttons. (You can go back to your normal settings after a restart)

Doing this resets your swipe up settings and this will enable the Samsung Pay swipe up gesture again.

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