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Photostick – Backup Your Photos. Is It Worth It?

Photostick helps you to Easily backup all your photos, videos, documents and music.

Ours is a digital age, and nowadays, we’re keeping pretty much everything stored on a digital platform. And for a great many of us, that includes our personal memories.


You probably know what we mean. All those photos we take – family snaps, vacation pictures, and the like – that would once have been stored in a photo album are, nowadays, almost always kept on our phone or computer.

Thing is, while we tend to think that digital storage keeps our memories safer, the fact is that, in reality, it doesn’t – at least, not if we don’t take proper precautions. Should the worst happen, and we find our home consumed in a fire, then it’s not going to matter if our photos were stored in an album or on the PC – if the only copies we had of them were in the house, then they’re gone for good.

The point is that, well, if we value being able to look back on our photographic memories and relive bygone years, we need to make sure that we take the proper steps to keep those memories safe from any serious sort of calamity. And while there are a few basic methods of doing so – storing our photos on external drives or in the cloud – the universality of this problem naturally means that, in recent years, a number of products have emerged that propose to make the process of backing up your photographic memories a whole lot more convenient.

One of these products is the PhotoStick. With the appearance of a normal thumb drive, this particular product is designed specifically to make the whole process of sorting, organising, and backing up your pictures a whole lot easier.

So below, we’re just going to take a quick look at the PhotoStick, and see if it really is, as its creators claim, the ideal method for keeping your memories safe from digital disaster.



Odds are that you’ve got a good portion, if not all, of your photographic memories stored on your PC or laptop. And if you’ve ever made the effort to back up a heavy load of photos, you’ve likely learned what a hassle it can be. After all, though we may try, we rarely keep all our pictures and videos stored in a single place; and as a result, when we finally convince ourselves to spend some time backing the stuff up, we frequently find ourselves having to spend hours digging through every digital nook and cranny, trying to ensure that we don’t leave a memory forgotten in some obscure folder.

This is the problem that the PhotoStick proposes to fix. Its main selling point, besides the fact that it can store up to 60,000 photos and videos(impressive, and likely more than most of us will ever need, but not unique to the product itself), is that, the device, with just a click, not only backs up all your photos, but searches its way through your entire hard drive in mere minutes, gathering every photo and video and storing it securely.

Why We Like It

To be sure, the PhotoStick’s concept is a simple one, and it might be called something of a one-trick pony; but really, it’s one of those things that, once you’ve tried it, you realise how much you’ve always needed it.

Think about it: what is it that makes those old photo-albums – the ones that your grandparents used to keep all their black-and-white family photos in – such a pleasure to leaf through? Well, besides the fact that they contain some fond memories, it’s the fact that their very purpose is to keep all those memories in a single place, all neatly sorted and arranged in a linear fashion, and all of them packed together on your shelves.

But to get them into that state, odds are that your parents and grandparents (and you, perhaps, if you’ve ever had to put together a non-digital photo album) had to spend hours upon hours scouring the house for every single photograph, scrounging up the ones that had been gathering dust on the bookshelves or which had slipped behind the bedside table, in an effort to save money on having to get the film re-developed.

The PhotoStick, basically, is a device that does what your parents and grandparents no doubt wish someone could have done for them: put all those treasured memories into one place in a neatly and orderly fashion, cutting out all those tedious hours scratching up every last photograph.

And we will say, it does this job pretty darn well. For one thing, the process of using the PhotoStick is as straightforward as can be. Unlike its mobile equivalent, the desktop PhotoStick doesn’t require any hardware or apps to work – using it is as simple as inserting it into your computer like a normal flash drive, clicking a button, and allowing it to discover and sort all the photos and videos you’ve got on there, backing them up in minutes. And what’s more, it also automatically identifies and removes duplicates, thus ensuring that your backup isn’t just choked with multiple copies of the same pictures and videos – which, let’s be honest, really is just as annoying as not having them backed up at all.



On the one hand, as mentioned, PhotoStick really is a pretty simple concept, and perhaps a little one-note in what it does. On the other, what it does is highly useful for anyone who likes to keep proper track of those photographic memories that they know they’ll want to look back on in the coming years; and, well, it’s most certainly not just an ordinary flash drive, as you might well be inclined to think when first you see it.
We’d recommend you do yourself the favor of investing in a PhotoStick. Shave a few hours off the process of backing up your photos, and you’ll be a lot more likely to do it more diligently. And in the coming years, when those feelings of nostalgia hit you, you’ll be very glad you did.