How To Check When and How Will You Get Your Stimulus Payment

Economic impact payments or Stimulus payments have started being distributed in small portions to all of the Americans. Everyone will get $1200 stimulus package from the American government.

If you are still waiting for yours to get deposited and getting anxious about when will you get it, worry not, there is a website which will tell you when and how you will get it.

Most of the people need no action from their end, it will be deposited to the account which you use for your tax filing, for those who don’t file the taxes will get a check after filling up a form on IRS’s website.

Here is the link to fill the form: Non-Filers Payment Info.

For hose who file their taxes on time and still waiting for the payments to be deposited, here is the link to check when will you get it, the site also lets you add your bank account information if it is not their in the system.

Filers Payment Info

Click on the Get My Payment button and fill out the form with all your info, the page will show you how you will get your payment, via check or bank deposited. showing stimulus payment options

Also, for those F1 students or H1B visa holders wondering if they will get it or no, if you have filed your tax return as a resident, you will get the $1200 stimulus payment.

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