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FIXD Car Diagnostic Device And App Review

FIXD car diagnostic device is going viral on social media these days. Fixd claims that it can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run with its OBD-2 connector. Fixd connects with your car’s OBD-2 connector and you can monitor its status from the app. It connects to your car and shows you each and every detail of your vehicle inside the app.

Fixd Car Diagnostic Device

How Does It Work?

Fixd connects with your cars OBD-2 port. Every car built after 1996 has this type of connector under the driver’s footwell. You just have to connect the sensor with the OBD-2 connector, there are no wires attached.

Fixd OBD-2 Connector

The next step is to download the FIXD app in your smartphone. The App is available both on Apple and Android devices. After a quick and free sign up from the app, you are all set to view the status of your car in your phone. You can remove the Fixd sensor or leave it in your car for as long as you wish. It won’t do any harm.

What are the uses of the Fixd App?

Fixd App, when installed on your phone, can show you a vast number of data from your car. It can show you the service intervals and expected expenses for the service. If you are taking in your car for its 10 thousand miles oil change, it will show you what to expect. For example, the 10 thousand mile service can include tire and wheels rotation, filter change and stuff like that. This can cost around $120 if you opt for the synthetic oil. The app will show you the expected expenses in the range of $110 to $150, so you don’t get any surprises when you go for the service.

Fixd Car Diagnostic Device

Additionally, you can keep logs of your tire and battery maintenance done inside the Fixd App on your phone. If your car’s dash is lit up with a check engine light, or any other alert lights, you can see what is exactly wrong with your car through Fixd App.

Here is a video showing the Unboxing and Review of the FIXD App and Fixd Car Diagnostic Device.