Fix – Bixby Briefing Alarm Not Working

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If you are like me and love Bixby’s voice features. You might want to try out the Bixby Briefing Alarm feature.

What is Bixby Briefing Alarm Feature?

Samsung Galaxy S8’s Bixby tells you the current time and weather information when the alarm rings. So if you have a habit of checking the¬†weather right after waking up in the morning, Briefing alarm is for you.

This alarm feature has been updated and now it tells you the latest top 5 news too. When you enable the briefing alarm, it will let you know the current weather first, and then it will carry on to let you know top 5 news from Google.

How to enable Bixby Briefing Alarm Feature?

Check this video out to know how to enable this Alarm.

Ok, so now you are in love with this feature and suddenly it stops working. Many of us have faced this same issue where Bixby will not brief anything and will just play the guitar or jazz sounds.

How to fix Samsung Bixby Briefing Alarm Not Working?

  • Disable and enable the Bixby Voice in Bixby Settings
  • Goto Clock App on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+.
  • Delete All Alarms
  • Restart Your Phone
  • Create a new alarm and enable Bixby Briefing in Alarm settings.
  • Bixby will now tell you the weather next time alarm rings.

And here is another article on how to fix the Bixby Briefing Alarm in the latest Android Oreo Update.

Also, I have found that deleting the cache from Settings > Applications, for both Bixby and Alarm App should fix the Bixby alarm feature.

For those, who haven’t heard Bixby’s Briefing feature, here is a demo of how it sounds like.

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