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Enhance Security with Smart Video Locks (Eufy)

Maintaining proper security at home is essential. You need a locking system that will successfully help to lock and unlock the doors conveniently. According to the latest & popular gadgets reviews, the Smart Locks are a hybrid combination of a video doorbell and a door lock.

Eufy Smart Locks

Smart Video Locks


Eufy is manufacturing some of the most effective smart locks that have become a popular device to protect residential spaces. The latest gadgets specifications are also interesting.

  • You can now unlock your door using voice commands.
  • To ensure more safety, you can enable the fingerprint scan.
  • The entire control is possible via the application on your mobile.
  • There is a touchpad to operate the key.
  • Traditional keys are also there.

Hence, it’s one of the most useful applications to ensure an effective locking system.

Components of the video smart locking system

If you are planning to replace the old lock, you can always read the electronic gadgets review and opt for the best technology of smart locking systems. The video smart lock is the ultimate solution for maintaining security at home. The system includes

  • Wi-fi chime box
  • Exterior and interior escutcheons
  • Deadbolt and strike plate assemblies
  • Mounting screws
  • Pair of keys

Apart from the above materials, you will also get the assorted hardware for mounting the bell.

Benefits of smart video doorbells

Smart Video Locks

There are many reasons why you should install the smart locking system after reading best gadget reviews. But the primary reason is the long list of benefits that you can enjoy by installing the smart lock system.

#1. Seamless integration of security features

Just imagine the advanced technology that these smart locks have that helps you to watch the guests as they arrive using your smartphone.

It is a 3-in-1 integration of security features

that combines

  • The camera
  • An advanced technology enabling Video Doorbell detection using voice control
  • Quickest Smart Lock fingerprint readability into a single gadget.

Moreover, you can also store the recordings without paying any additional subscription fee.

So, according to the tech experts on the top platforms, such locking systems are not just typical video doorbells. These are the best gadgets for 2023 with the perfect combination of fingerprint technology, a powerful camera, and a locking system that ensures a solid home security experience.

There are minimum chances of false alarms as the videos will always provide evidence of the person present at the door.

#2. Fingerprint technology

If you choose to buy the Eufy video Smart Locks, you can now operate the lock within one-third of a second or less. Wondering how? Well, that’s the speed you can achieve if you use fingerprint technology. The processor is extremely powerful that uses an ultra-thin film for ensuring that the finger sticks to the reader even in snow or rain.

The re-orientation of the user’s fingerprint on the upper part of the scanner ensures 98% accuracy. The use of an AI algorithm confirms the accuracy level as per the best new gadgets reviews.

#3. Cameras with high clarity

The presence of the power 2K camera with a wide field of 160 degrees helps to keep an eye on any approaching visitor. It’s the magic of the Wide Dynamic Range technology that works on bright and cloudy days. And for detection at night, the device will use four infrared lights.

#4. Remote controlling

And you can now stop worrying about whether you have forgotten to lock your door any morning while coming to work. The Video Smart lock from Eufy is a wonderful combination of geomagnetic sensors and the gyroscope.

It will help you to accurately locate the position of the door within a field range of 0.75mm and you can immediately engage the deadbolt the moment the door closes.

Gather enough information

So, if you plan to upgrade the locking system, you should refer to for latest gadgets reviews to make an informed decision.