How To Disable Bixby Briefing In Alarms For Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Other Samsung Phones

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This post has been updated to reflect latest Samsung updates.

Bixby Briefing is a nifty feature added by Samsung in their newer flagships. It is a useful feature for those who check news and current weather right after they wake up.

If you want to check out how Bixby Briefing sounds like, here is the youtube video showing just that.

It is a hit or miss with some people, sometimes it works perfectly and another time it will just play guitar tones.

For those who like to hear old-school alarm tones, you can always disable the Bixby Briefing feature in the Alarm settings.

  • Goto the Clock App
  • Create a new alarm or select your current alarm
  • Select Alarm Sound
  • You will see option to Deselect Bixby Alarm and select any ringtone to set as your alarm sound.

Next time your alarm rings, you will hear your favorite song or tones.

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