Aitekx’s RoboTruck: The $45K Alternative to Tesla’s Cybertruck That’s Turning Heads

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Meet the RoboTruck from Aitekx, a brand-new player in the electric vehicle (EV) arena that’s generating significant buzz with its striking design and noteworthy capabilities. It’s been unveiled at the LA Auto Show, where industry giants like Toyota and Subaru also showcased their latest creations.

Aitekx isn’t just any company; they’re an innovative team focusing on AI-powered e-mobility. They aim to revolutionize the way we think about clean energy vehicles and mobility robotics with their cutting-edge AI technology.

Now, let’s talk about the RoboTruck 1T. Its design might remind you of the Tesla Cybertruck, but it’s got its unique flair. This mid-size pickup ranges from 188 to 198 inches in length and features a 6.1-foot bed. But here’s the cool part: its midgate design allows it to transport items up to 9.5 feet long with the tailgate closed, and even up to 11.5 feet with the tailgate open!

In terms of performance, Aitekx boasts that the RoboTruck can sprint from a standstill to 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds and achieve a maximum speed of approximately 165 mph. They’re also promising an impressive EPA range of up to 550 miles.

Prices start at a reasonable $45,000, stretching up to $99,000 for the high-end RoboTruck 1T HyperAIX Sports Signature AWD version. Expect some interesting options like hawk wing doors, off-road packages, a power bed cover, and a choice between a four to six-seat interior. Interestingly, their configurator seems to show an interior similar to the Ford F-150, which certainly raises some eyebrows.

If you’re intrigued, Aitekx is taking reservations for just $100. Plus, they’ve got plans for a 1V SUV variant, offering either a three-row seating arrangement for up to 8 passengers or a two-row setup with ample cargo space. This venture from a Silicon Valley-based US Corporation certainly adds an exciting twist to the EV market.

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