1 Thing I Don’t Like About Samsung’s Bixby Briefing Alarm

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Samsung has done a great job with their Digital Assitant Bixby, it is futuristic and does what you tell her to do. Helps with your phone calls, takes pictures for you. It can even edit the pictures and videos for you. It is really a great Digital Assistant.

Only weird part about the Bixby is the Briefing Alarm feature. You can enable Bixby to tell you the current weather and latest top 5 news when the alarm goes off. So in place of the alarm sound, it will play weather and news information. The news part it fetches directly from Google News.

Okay, so that’s good right? you get to know the current weather and news when you wake up and you do not need to surf through websites to get the news in the morning. No, that is the worst part.

Like, right after you wake up, the Bixby briefing alarm plays news, which is not filtered for anyone. It tells you how many people were killed, how many accidents happened yesterday. This can mess up anyone’s day.

What if there are children playing or sleeping nearby? They can get disturbed by the news too.

So Samsung, has a huge need to filter the Bixby news or there must be an option to disable the news part, the weather part is nice and everyone loves it, but the news part is where it gets weird with Samsung’s Bixby briefing alarm.

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Also, here is a video showing whats weird about Samsung’s Bixby Briefing Alarm.

There has been a lot of discussion in Samsung Forums and Android communities, people are raging over how to disable the Bixby briefing from the alarm, but Samsung is taking their sweet time to fix this issue.

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